SME INDONESIA, Elevating Stronger and Better SME’s

SME INDONESIA, Elevating Stronger and Better SME’s

1684 is The first Indonesia SME on-line magazine ever produced devoted to Indonesia’s business owners, entrepreneurs and who ever interested to learn about business the journey, the success and further more we will make sure this on-line magazine can become the best references for public when it comes to Indonesia SMEs, hence Public would be able to access any information related to the business, The Brands, The whose who player in the industry, find out the opportunities available, the challenges as well as provide supply and demand information needed by this particular industry.

With a trendy coverage and a creative, refreshing layout, SMEIndonesia.Org is exciting, inspiring and motivating. Driven by an excellent pool of correspondents and contributors, on-line magazine with high quality articles are diversified, detailed and written in a way that gives our readers a global perspective while maintaining unique local insight.


– Targeting 70% of our readers are business owners and entrepreneurs.

– SMEIndonesia.Org On-line Magazine target readers are affluent, high-network individuals who are also decision makers for their businesses.

– SMEIndonesia.Org On-Line Magazine is building its relations with all range of associations both business and professionals available in Indonesia to become members of SMEINDONESIA, beside and individual SMEs. By taking SMEINDONESIA membership, they will not only building relations through various gathering, seminars and training but they will also have their up-date & interactive on-line tools working for their organization assisted by us.

– Over 80% target advertisers are multinational and public listed companies who want to reach out to SME businesses, owners and entrepreneurs.


1. Membantu meningkatkan wawasan “SMEINDONESIA” agar menjalankan usaha dengan lebih baik, berdayasaing serta mampu meraih reputasi dan kredibilitas yang ditetapkan oleh institusi keuangan manapun di Indonesia khususnya.

2. Membantu mendorong Perusahaan – Perusahaan SMEINDONESIA sebagai Perusahaan yang lolos parameter the great place to work, karena terbukti the great place to work companies memiliki financial performance yang lebih baik.

3. Menjadi media SMEINDONESIA yang effective melalui sharing berbagai pengalaman dan ilmu, pengembangan strategic networking serta menciptakan dan mendorong berbagai intellectual creative ideas guna mencapai solusi-solusi yang dibutuhkan dalam menjawab berbagai tantangan yang dihadapi Industri SMEINDONESIA.


Elevating stronger and better SMEINDONESIA dan mendorong 100 Best SMEINDONESIA setiap tahun, melalui parameter international dari : “ the great place to work institute ”

MISI 2015-2017

1. Membentuk dan Membina 5000 atau lebih members SMEINDONESIA melalui : (1) Brand Development+Enggagement, (2) E-store, (3) Up-date & interactive Web Hosting, (4) Links, (5) interactive Com – i.e : Video interview Q+A, forum diskusi on-line, SMEINDONESIA monthly gathering.

2. Mendorong SMEINDONESIA mengikuti&mencapai parameter The Great Place to Work.

3. Mendorong SMEINDONESIA mencapai reputasi yang bankable dengan mengikuti parameter yang ditentukan oleh berbagai lembaga keuangan bank dan non bank yang mendukung usaha SMEINDONESIA.

4. Menyediakan ruang on-line dan monthly networking events bagi pelaku dan stakeholders SMEINDONESIA.



Saling mendukung, bekerjasama, komunikasi, berbaik sangka, bersama – sama menciptakan suasana kerja dengan memelihara hubungan yang saling menghormati dan saling memberikan kebaikan.


Jujur, tulus, amanah, sama-rata, adil committed dan bertanggung jawab.


Terus belajar sepanjang masa menambah dan membuat perbaikan, kreatif dan inovatif.


Selalu mencarikan solusi, konsisten, persistence, berpikir sebelum bertindak, action-oriented, stay positive, bersedia memberi & menerima dalam bekerjasama.

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